LED Lighting … the Time is NOW!

SunBright LED Systems works with several of the best LED providers in the world. Since we are not locked down with any specific supplier, we have the ability to obtain the best bulbs at the best prices specific to your needs. SunBright has completed numerous jobs throughout the country giving us excellent references and a track record of which we are very proud.

Power Savings:

The power consumption for the LED conversion reduces the average utility bill by approximately 30% to 35%. As there is very little heat generated by LEDs, HVAC costs are also reduced. The utility savings realize from switching to LED lighting generally pay for the conversion cost in less than two years.


Most utility companies offer rebates to promote LED lighting conversions; these typically range from 35% to 50% of the changeover cost. Additional rebates are offered for air conditioned facilities. These rebates will not be around forever. SunBright will assist in preparing the required rebate request documents.

Tax Credits:

The IRS offers a 60¢ per interior square foot incentive allowance for LED lighting conversions. This can add up to a significant tax deduction for your business (example: $15,000 tax credit for a 25,000 square foot building). SunBright will provide the necessary documentation for securing this credit.

Lighting Quality:

LED lighting eliminates the health issues related to florescent and incandescent lights. Florescent lighting and the ballasts necessary to run them contain toxic wastes including PCBs and mercury and will soon be illegal to produce.

Reduced Maintenance:

Lighting maintenance costs are dramatically reduced as replacements are very few and far between … no more ballast failures as ballasts are either bypassed or removed completely.

Warranties and Bulb Life:

SunBright LED lights are unconditionally warrantied for five years, but their expected life is 70,000 to 100,000 hours (utilized for eight hours a day, bulbs can last as long as 10 years). Cost recovery for most conversions are less than two years and LEDs offer savings and positive cash flow for 10 to 15 years.

No More Florescent or Incandescent Bulbs:

All incandescent bulbs over 40 watts are already out of production. Eight foot florescent tubes are no longer available either and, given the mercury content of CFLs and other florescent bulbs, it won’t be long until they are illegal too.

Carbon and Global Warming:

Florescent and incandescent lighting produce a great deal of heat which affects the environment and also increases the load on your air conditioning. LED lighting’s inherent low energy consumption reduces overall utility demands and the associated carbon emissions and atmospheric warming.


Outmoded lighting often contains PCBs, mercury and other caustic elements. SunBright offers a recycling program which handles and properly disposes of all the old neon, florescent or incandescent lights that are removed from the project. There may be an additional cost for this service.

You will enjoy these eleven features and financial advantages by converting your business to SunBright LED lighting:

  • Dramatically lower electric bills, month after month.
  • A brighter, better work environment with no annoying fluorescent flicker.
  • Lower air conditioning costs since LEDs emit much less heat.
  • No bulb or ballast replacement resulting in lower maintenance and ownership costs.
  • A minimum of 50,000 hours of operation for most LED lighting providing years and years of hassle free lighting.
  • Substantial energy rebates from most local power companies.
  • Federal tax credits (and tax credits from most states) are now offered as incentives for business conversion to LED lighting.
  • Low or no down payment financing available for LED lighting conversions.
  • A complete 100% payback of your entire LED lighting investment in as little as 12 months (the payback comes from the savings from your monthly electric bills; your power company rebate; your State and Federal tax credits and the bulbs, ballasts and replacement labor you will longer need to pay).
  • A five (5) year warranty on all SunBright LED bulbs.
  • No mystery with a free no obligation lighting assessment!

Your SunBright lighting assessment will accurately evaluate your current usage and demonstrate the savings you can experience by switching to LEDs. Most conversions pay for themselves in less than two years; sometimes in less than one year! Since the bulbs are guaranteed for five years (but will actually last much longer) the decision to switch is essentially risk-free.

SunBright is in a unique position. We work with all of the best LED suppliers in the world, and we work for you securing the best quality and the best prices. We are not locked into any specific supplier allowing us to configure the optimum solution for your company.